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is always First.

At Nico Bakery and Café, our philosophy is simple: exceptional dishes begin with extraordinary ingredients.

Every choice we make, from the flour that forms the backbone of our artisan bread to the fresh produce that brightens our savory creations, is guided by a commitment to quality and sustainability.

We partner with quality farmers and purveyors to source the finest, freshest ingredients, ensuring that every bite tells a story of unparalleled flavor and care.

Join us on a culinary journey where the purity and integrity of what we serve are the stars of the show.

Sustainable Farming

For sandwiches that feature turkey and ham, we source our cold cuts from Lower Family Foods.

Their dedication to sustainable farming and quality produce aligns with our ethos, providing us with the finest ingredients that truly make a difference in taste and quality.


we use Beurremont butter for our beurre de tourage, a critical component in crafting our flaky, tender pastries.

This exceptional butter, alongside the exquisite chocolates from Noel and Valrhona, both sourced from Paris, elevate our sweet offerings to a level of sophistication and flavor that is unmatched.

Our chocolate bonbons, created in collaboration with Frederic Loraschi, bring a touch of artisanal excellence to our selection, making each piece a work of art.

Quality Products

Local treasures like Scamps Toffee from Ligonier and locally sourced honey add a unique touch to our creations, embedding the essence of our community into our food.

When it comes to baking essentials, we trust in King Arthur Flour for our needs. Their special patent flour, always unbleached and unbromated, ensures that our breads and pastries are not only safe but also of the highest quality.

Quality is Always First

At Nico Bakery and Café, we believe that quality ingredients are the cornerstone of great food. By carefully selecting each component, from the flour that forms the foundation of our baked goods to the local and international delicacies that enhance our creations, we ensure that every visit to Nico’s is an unforgettable journey of taste and quality.